The main problem women have with their buttocks and thighs is the presence of bulges and dents generally known as cellulite. The cause is the loose structure of the female connective tissue, as well as the fact that women's fat cells, stored under the skin surface, are more compact. Even adamant diets or sports are often helpless in getting the desired result.

The attempt to control this harmless but unattractive phenomenon through massages, radiation, skin creams or other expensive means is often no more than an illusion. The only beneficiaries are the countless manufacturers of such products, because the predisposition towards cellulitis appears to be partly congenital.

If you think that liposuctions are the solution to everything, you are wrong. There are various alternative therapies which generate more promising results.

This form of lipolysis, which consists of an electrical stimulation of the tissue, was developed in France. Ultra-thin electrodes are inserted under the skin where they stimulate the lipometabolism through miniature power surges. Additional benefit: The elasticity of the skin is also improved during the process of fat breakdown, which makes this form of lipolysis adequate for the treatment of pregnancy-related stretch marks as well. A weekly use of this entirely painless method of treatment should lead, after several sessions, to a considerable improvement in the appearance and the blood circulation of the concerned area.

Thigh lifts

The thigh lift represents a surgical intervention that can be performed either for medical or for cosmetic purposes. It is often performed after a serious weight loss.

The excess skin on the inside of the thighs is surgically removed and the remaining skin is then lifted upwards - towards the inguinal area. The resulting scars remain hidden in the inguinal crease.

The thigh lift and the abdomen lift can be performed together as part of a single surgical intervention.


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