The eyelid lift

The eyelid lift is nowadays the second most frequent cosmetic intervention. Puffy eyelids can be congenital, but most of the times the drooping or sagging of the upper lids is a result of age. The same goes for the bags under the eyes, which can also be removed through the CO2 laser method, without surgical intervention.

An eyelid lift means that the excess skin on the upper lid - sometimes together with the fat and muscle tissues - is removed under local anaesthesia and the wound is then sewn up with the finest surgical thread. The scar is hidden in the natural eyelid crease and is therefore barely visible. In the case of the lower eyelids, the surgeon generally works from the inside, so that the incision is even less visible.

After successful eyelid surgery, the eyes look wider and bigger again, and this lends the patient's face a more youthful and fresh appearance.

The facelift

Making faces in the mirror is the best way to see how many muscles there are in your face. Then you will be able to understand what amount of technical skill and what precision are required in order to lift a face as inconspicuously and efficiently as possible. One has to be particulary careful in order to avoid a mask-like rigidity of the facial expression. The patients should be able to retain their natural facial expressions as well as laugh and talk naturally.

A facelift is your best choice when you have an excess of skin, on the one hand, and a sagging of the tissues on the other, and also for large wrinkles on the forehead and neck. Parts of the cheeks and of the neck are tautened together, in order to eliminate the very visible signs of age from these areas.

The surgery

Your personal medical condition will determine whether you can get a full anaesthesia, a slight "half-sleep" or a local anaesthesia. As is the case with all the other surgical interventions, a comprehensive preliminary consultation and an adequate preparation for the surgery are indispensable.

During the operation, a part of the skin will be lifted, the tissue and possibly also the muscle under it will be tautened and the excess skin will be removed. Then, the skin will be sewn up above the hairline, behind the temples, along the ears and on the neck. The surgeon's precision and instincts are crucial in order to obtain just the right amount of tension, not too much.

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