Breast reduction and breast lift

The breast reduction is an intervention performed predominantly for medical reasons. The reduction of very large breasts helps discharge a lot of weight from the spinal column and makes a better posture possible. The heavy load on the spine often causes the concerned patients to experience constant back pain.

Breast reductions that are subscribed for medical reasons belong to the very few interventions which under certain circumstances are covered by the compulsory insurance funds.

By contrast, a breast lift is considered an entirely cosmetic surgical intervention. The goal of a breast lift is to reshape the breast tissue which droops with age.

In a breast reduction, the volume of the breasts is reduced, on an individual basis, through the removal of the lower parts of the breasts. The nipple and the nipple areola are carefully dissected and brought in the correct position. There remains a circular scar around the areola and a vertical scar from the areola to the underbreast crease. For large breast volumes an additional scar in the underbreast crease cannot be avoided.

The operative technique for the breast lift is very similar. The surgeon will remove the excess skin, and the nipples and areolas will be repositioned.

Pregnancies, weight fluctuations, etc. can lead to a renewed enlargement or sagging of the breasts.


Tummy tuck

The tummy tuck represents a surgical intervention that can be performed either for medical or for cosmetic purposes. It is performed after extreme weight loss or after giving birth, if the dilated tissue does not contract sufficiently.

The drooping excess skin from the lower abdomen is removed and the skin of the upper abdomen is tautened. It is also possible to tauten the abdomen muscles at the same time, if necessary. During this surgery, the navel will be dissected and then sewn into a new position in the tautened abdominal wall. The scar of the incision runs from left to right along the upper pubic hairline, as well as around the navel, where it is generally less visible.

The tummy tuck and the thigh lift can be performed together in a single surgical intervention.


Thigh lift

The thigh lift represents a surgical intervention that can be performed either for medical or for cosmetic purposes. It is often performed after a serious weight loss.

The excess skin on the inside of the thighs is surgically removed and the remaining skin is then lifted upwards - towards the inguinal area. The resulting scars remain hidden in the inguinal crease.

The thigh lift and the abdomen lift can be performed together as part of a single surgical intervention.


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