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  • "Interested dentures" is: Your healthy teeth without caries and periodontal disease

    Caries doesn’t have to affect you

    Caries doesn’t have to affect you

    Everybody prefers being healthy! That’s why the prevention of caries and parodontitis ranks first for us. The Xylitol anti-caries programme “Caries – NO THANKS” was developed in collaboration with preventive dentists and is an essential building block of an effective strategy suitable for everyday life aimed at preventing caries and parodontitis. Secondary caries on dental prostheses, too!

  • Affordable dentistry in Europe

    Affordable dentistry in Europe

    If you spend your holiday in eastern europe or at the Mediterranean, connect it with a dental treatment. Dental prostheses here are often below the german average. The reasons for that are mainly the lower wages, lower rents, and the smaller laboratory expenses for the manufacturing of crowns, bridges, inlays, etc.

  • Dentist search: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, ...

    Dentist search: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, ...

    The dentists database gives you the address and specialisation information of dentists from foreign countries in Europe. Great price advantages for comparable quality make a trip certainly worth considering. Pediatric dentists, Fear of the dentist, Dental implant dentists oder Dental care for seniors

  • Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in Europe

    Plastic surgery

    Plastic surgery

    Plastic surgery is very popular. Breast enlargements and liposuction are the most frequent, followed by face-lifts, breast-lifts and rhinoplasty. But their success depends on the plastic surgeons' qualifications. For example breast implants.

  • Fachärzte für Plastische Chirurgie

    Plastic surgeons in Europe

    Our doctors database gives you information about the addresses and specialisation areas of the surgeons, because cosmetic, aesthetic and plastic surgery depends considerably on the surgeon's routine. Plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery and Aesthetic surgery in Europe

In our doctors database you can find specialists for aesthetic, plastic and cosmetic surgery in:

The treatment spectrum ranges from liposuction, breast enlargement, breast reduction including breast-lifting, to face-lifting, otoplasty, rhinoplasty and to Botox treatments.

Your german dentist abroad

A german dentist abroad offers mostly advantages: same language, very good education and training, higher quality, lower prices and - within the EU - your health insurance company has to pay the complete additional contribution.

The loss of some vacation hours and the distance in case of problems arising at home. For an overview clik on a country name


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