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We are a special database, which gathers the experiences of patients with dentists and surgeons in Europe and makes them available in a clear and concise format under "Satisfaction profile".

Our visitors can enter the Forum to check out the satisfaction levels of previous patients for each individual dentist or doctor. The link "Patients' forum" can be found directly in the databases, next to each doctor or dentist.

With us you will get not only addresses, areas of specialisation and the individual ads of the doctors, but also information on patient satisfaction.

Our motto: Where Yellow Pages & Co. end, we begin!

We are especially trying to countervail the media reports about treatment deficiencies, by highlighting those medical practices which have received the greatest number of positive evaluations from their patients.

Moreover, we're providing extensive additional information, such as:
  • Preparing for and undergoing dental treatment in the country and abroad. Things to observe in order to receive the maximum benefits from your compulsory health fund.
  • Preparing for and undergoing cosmetic surgery in the country and abroad. What qualifications does the surgeon performing the intervention need, lest this surgery should turn into an adventure with incalculable, sometimes life-threatening consequences.

Why all of this?

There are opinion portals already available, for instance: dooyoo or ciao, as well as countless directories of doctors and dentists.
But our goal is this:
  • To bring together, in a very direct and orderly manner, patients' experiences and general information about the doctors.
  • To create an informative summary of all the patients' individual opinions, so the visitor doesn't have to struggle with loads of unstructured texts.

Your opinion?

If you would like to express encouragement, suggestions for improvement, constructive criticism or simply praise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your opinion is very important to us - this is the only way we can improve!

Last update about us on 29.09.2021 13:14.

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