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Caries – NO THANKS,

is an anti-caries programme of The End Consumers that was developed on the occasion of their 10th anniversary in collaboration with preventive dentists. Common recommendations like brushing teeth after every meal and every snack works in the test laboratory.

However, the daily life of many people is different. Even if all of them wanted to, is is quite difficult or maybe even impossible to integrate frequent toothbrushing into the people’s work life, not to mention oral irrigators and Co.

But there is an extremely effective solution for this gap in care during the day:

chewing gum for dental care or lozenges containing Xylitol (Zahnzucker)

It’s enough to brush the teeth gently but thoroughly twice daily, in the morning and in the evening, and chew gum for dental care (containing 100% of Xylitol) after every meal during the day.
Studies documented a reduction of caries by up to 85 percent. Read on to find out what two building blocks the anti-caries programme consists of.

caries no thanks

Let’s celebrate the 10th anniversary of The End Consumers and a milestone against caries:

  1. Preventive dentists support Caries – NO THANKS and offer:

    • A prophylactic programme suitable for everyday life, to conserve one’s own teeth up to an old age
    • Professional and social competence as medical partners
    • Quality and long durability of dental prostheses

  2. Xylitol competition:: Become an expert in dental hygiene and easily answer the competition questions! Every month, all participants are eligible to win 20 prophylactic starter packages that will be raffled off, totalling 500 Euros in value.

In the dictionary you will find a lot of important information about the Xylitol studies, presented in a comprehensible manner, as well as the story of that survey that triggered off all the other activities.

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